Review – Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech MX Master 2S Review

Measuring a massive 1.9 inches high, 3.4 inches wide and nearly 5 inches deep, Logitech’s unabashedly sexy, seven-button, right-handed computer mouse beautifully reclines throughout most of your mousepad. It alters greatly toward right-handers, with a tilt that approaches thirty degrees or two on its leading surface. A charitable thumb remainder drains from its underside like a damaging wave, or the flaring train of an evening gown.

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The MX Master 2 S select a gray-and-silver aesthetic. The “Logi” brand features plainly on the broad left- as well as right-hand switches, reduced with such unique spaces that I can not aid but question what kind of schmutz will work its way in time. As is ending up being extra typical, a wide mousewheel can either rotate freely or ratchet back and forth incrementally, especially helpful for navigating food selections.

Changing between the two is regulated by a small switch placed behind the thumbwheel, which is configurable. Via Logitech’s Options software, you can also allow “SmartShift,” which automatically changes the scroll wheel from ratcheting to a free-spin setting depending upon just how swiftly you rotate it. It’s an intriguing concept.

It’s the 2nd (yes, second) mousewheel that you might find appealing. Logitech’s MX Master TWO clusters 3 switches within reach of a right-hander’s thumb, on the left-hand side of the mouse. 2 are slim slivers of plastic, normally acting as “forward” and “backwards” shortcut secrets for Web surfing. However there’s also a small, free-spinning thumbwheel, ostensibly developed for straight scrolling.

You may need to modify the linked Alternatives software to take full advantage of the utility of the MX Master TWO horizontal thumbwheel. By default, the thumbwheel is configured to scroll back and forth horizontally, such as in a multiple column view I have in place utilizing the Hootsuite Web application, or within a spreadsheet. Using the connected Choices software, you can also configure it to scroll left and ideal in between browser tabs. Sadly, the computer mouse is not contextually aware sufficient to do both.

Weighing simply short of a third of an extra pound, the MX Master TWO glided effortlessly throughout the ergonomic mousepad I use in your home, as well as the pc gaming pad I also examined with. Whether it was the increased DPI, its physical layout, or just a serendipitous combination of settings, I felt like the MX Master TWO tracked more efficiently than its opponent, the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse. Part of that could be chalked up to Logitech’s “darkfield” sensor modern technology, which is included.

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