The Review Logitech G203 Prodigy

Logitech G203 Prodigy Review

The low price means that the Logitech G203 Natural born player focuses on the essentials. On the within, that implies an optical sensor with an 8,000 DPI sensitivity degree. Don’t be deceived by the product packaging stating 6,000 DPI, incidentally– Logitech has actually improved that number with a firmware upgrade.

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An 8,000 DPI level of sensitivity level is a solid number for mainstream single-player and affordable pc gaming. It’ll sate essentially anybody who uses a 1080p or a 1440p panel– and it’ll also be great for the majority of people that play on 4K or widescreen screens.

Just a solitary gaming profile can be stored on this mouse– extra costly peripherals typically save 5– yet Logitech’s software can keep a limitless number. It can also customise each switch. It’s an excellent app and makes coping with the G203 very easy.

The much more expensive HyperX is ranked for 16,000 DPI, and also it shops 3 accounts. Couple of people require a computer mouse rated for such level of sensitivity, however the HyperX is better for competitors.

The HyperX has six buttons alongside much better lights. It’s additionally larger, taller as well as longer than the portable G203.

The Gaming Mouse physical design is plain– the G203 is made from matte plastic, without textured locations as well as a shape that’s hardly different from your typical office rodent. It’s robust, though, so it’ll definitely persevere, as well as there are customisable RGB LEDs at the rear.

The Logitech G203 has 6 switches: the two primary ones, the scroll-wheel, a DPI switcher and also 2 side switches. It’s ambidextrous, however you only obtain side buttons on the left-hand side.

There are no additional ergonomic features, as well as the G203 is portable: its 64mm width as well as 38mm height make it a little smaller sized than more expensive pc gaming mice. The size and shape will not be a problem for most players and a lot of grip kinds, however players with larger hands may have a hard time.

The G203 has sufficient speed and also accuracy for a lot of video gaming circumstances, as well as its two major switches are reasonable: quickly and also constant.

Nevertheless, the lower budget plan appears below– the main buttons are loud, and they have a bit more traveling as well as a little much less speed than switches on more expensive peripherals. For mainstream gaming, this will not reduce you down, however affordable gamers will certainly desire shallower, faster technicians.

The side buttons serve, but they’re squishy and need too much force to press. The scroll wheel is lighter and constant, but it has no straight hitting and also its scrolling is surprised, not smooth.

The G203’s surface isn’t the most effective, either: it’s smooth and unsafe, and also the scenario won’t improve if your hands get perspiring.

The HyperX is much better: its primary switches are faster and lighter than the Logitech– and also they have an endurance ranking of fifty million clicks, while the G203 is rated for only 10 million.

Logitech G403 HERO Review

Logitech G403 HERO Review

Hero 16K Sensor: Our Many Advanced, With 1: 1 Monitoring, 400+ IPS, As well as 100-16, 000 Max DPI Sensitivity– And Also Absolutely No Smoothing, Filtering, Or Velocity Lightsync RGB: Full-Spectrum Lighting Reacts To In-Game Activity, Sound, And Screen Color; Customize Illumination Effects From 16. 8M Colors With G Center Pc Gaming Software, As Well As Sync Across G Gear Comfort As Well As Resilience: Lightweight (87G), Pleasantly Made To Mold To Your Hand With Rubber Grips For Added Control; 10 G Detachable Weight Allows You Tune To Your Preferences G Hub: Configure 6 Programmable Buttons To Streamline In-Game Actions. On-The-Fly DPI Changing Lets You Program And Switch Over In Between Five Sensitivity Setups From 100 To 16, 000 DPI * Development Video Gaming Efficiency: 8X Faster Than Criterion Computer Mice With A 1 Ms. Record Rate, As Well As Spring Switch Tensioning For Better Feedback With Less Force. Cord Length: 2.1 Metre (6.9 Feet).

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Logitech is constantly using players a selection of computer mice in different sizes and shapes. Back in 2016, Logitech released the brand-new Natural born player collection, no not a remix of twisted fire starter yet rather the G403 ergonomic gaming mouse. The concept behind the collection was to branch out to the laid-back player and also provide them tournament prepared mice at even more affordable prices. With the G403 Logitech developed a secure comfy shape and also outfitted it with some cost specifications.

The G403 is a nice easy computer mouse that you can tell is mosting likely to be comfortable to hold by just checking out its mild inclines as well as curves. It fits in the hand nice and includes a PMW3366 sensor that is still considered one of the far better sensors on the market. At under ₤ 40/$ 40, you are obtaining a high executing mouse that’s ergonomically built for comfort.

Logitech Review remains to utilize the specialized covering on the G403. It’s a matte black smooth plastic which is much easier to clean than the soft-touch product some suppliers utilize. The smooth plastic does not affect hold thanks to the ergonomic shape yet it is slippy to the touch. I don’t have the sweatiest palms but the material appears to deal with perspiration well as well as I didn’t blow up as soon as. If you do have damp palms do not worry the sides of the G403 attribute a rubberized product similar to a soft-touch surface providing you all the grip you require.

The G403 utilizes Omron developed switches that quit to 20 million clicks, They have a low actuation as well as are put straight under the primary buttons to attain this. The Main switches are separate to the rest of the mouse shell which I like and they have an extremely pleasing audible click when pressed. The design of the form allows your fingers to sit on the switches without inadvertently pressing them constantly.

Reviews Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro is a gaming mouse made specifically for FPS players. In other words, for playing video games like COD as well as PUBG with high shooting precision. The mouse includes a 3-ounce weight which means you can quickly add it for a larger video gaming experience. Besides that, it has got an advanced optical gaming sensing unit called PMW3366 which is termed as the fastest optical gaming sensor readily available on the market. The sensing unit enables quick activities with high accuracy focusing on the exact same time. With a DPI series of 200 to 12000, you can relocate the cursor with high speed and rapid reaction rate.

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What if we tell you that you can get a gaming mouse with all premium attributes as well as a video gaming layout in only under 20 dollars? Audio unusual right? But we have got PICTEK gaming mouse for you hereof that has verified to be an excellent option for numerous laid-back FPS gamers. The computer mouse features a DPI price of 7200, yet a wonderful feature of this mouse is DPI switching. You can jump to various DPI prices while you pc gaming depending on if you require a rapid or slow level of sensitivity with one click. There are seven programmable switches available in this mouse that can be appointed to various tasks in order to make fast reactions.

The ballot rate of this gaming mouse is additionally switchable (as much as 1000Hz), as well as you can change it according to the kind of game you are playing. On the other hand, RGB illumination is likewise readily available with 16 million colors which are simply exceptional because type of price array. With a greater compatibility element, you can utilize this computer mouse on various operating systems conveniently.

In case you want to get rid of a wired mouse and try a wireless gaming mouse, your utmost top priority ought to be to go for the brand-new Logitech G903 that includes a great deal of functions to use with an one-of-a-kind video gaming design. The mouse is superb for playing video games like COD and Fortnite, and it has got an advanced optical sensor as well. With an ergonomic style, it can quickly fit your hand for those who prefer a palm grasp.

This gaming mouse comes with a feedback time of only 1ms which is pitch perfect for playing FPS games. The dpi range is from 200 to 12000 which when integrated with a rate of 400 IPS permits you a quicker feedback with greater maneuverability throughout video gaming. All things being claimed, the computer mouse provides excellent comments whenever you are clicking the left switch or the ideal one. Plenty of programmable buttons are additionally available that can be designated to different tasks to reduce the response time. The computer mouse can additionally be charged conveniently, and you can even bill it when you are using it.

This mouse on our checklist is yet once again presented by SteelSeries and also features a lot of top qualities as well as a rapid action price at the same time. The mouse enables you to play FPS video games with greater capturing accuracy. A distinct tactile alert feature is readily available in this computer mouse, supplies you to feel in‐game events on actions taken. You can likewise personalize the responsive alert vibration pattern.

The velocity offered by this gaming mouse is 50g, and also it features a polling price up to 1ms or 1000 Hz. The layout of this gaming mouse is with a higher account, as if it provides a close link to your palm. Making it simple and easy for pc gaming a quite a long period of time. This gaming mouse is rated at 30 million clicks which makes sure resilience and also an exceptional high quality construction at the same time. Added attributes consist of modular cable televisions, leading covers, and extra sensors. There are two extra mouse thumb switches, which are programmable so that you can make quick choices without seeking a certain key on your key-board.

The gaming mouse that covers our list for being the greatest competitor is none aside from Logitech G502. It has obtained a great deal of functions to use in yet a wonderful rate array. With a streamlined as well as slim design, you will certainly get to delight in fast as well as precise intending capacity in order to remove your opponent effortlessly. The gaming mouse comes with an optical pc gaming sensor which is described as the most exact and receptive sensor. The sensing unit is able to specifically equate hand motions on the display.

With tunable weight and also equilibrium features, one can efficiently manage the weight of the computer mouse for an ideal sensation. The dpi array is from 200 to 12000 which is rather extraordinary. Other than that, RGB illumination exists, and you can maximize it according to your preferences. The mouse works with Windows running systems and Mac OS also. Well, with a great deal of various other functions, the mouse likewise includes 11 programmable buttons that can be set for different jobs with the help of Logitech’s pc gaming software.

Sensei 310 as presented by Steelseries is another monster with a great deal of specifications and functions, in yet an economical rate range. As by the initial appearance of it, the computer mouse looks quite simple. Offering a huge amount of attributes with a basic design is a specialty of the Steelseries brand. The computer mouse features a series of 12000 CPI, and also are pitch-perfect for video gaming. On the other hand with an IPS variety of 350, reaction price comes to be ultra high for playing the game like a manager.

For facilitating the gripping designs of gamers, Steelseries has actually introduced an unique form in this computer mouse through which gamers can quickly fit this computer mouse according to their similarity. The ‘exclusive split trigger’ offered within the left as well as best click switches have the ability to supply superior durability of practically 50 million clicks. It has RRGB lighting, and also you can establish your choices of the lights according to the impact you want. All points being stated, Sensei 310 also enables you to transform the account settings of your computer mouse quickly in the included software.

Yeah, you heard it right, Razer DeathAdder Elite includes a great deal of features in yet a very affordable rate variety. It has been created especially for playing games like COD and also PUBG for an extended period of time as well as with no uncomfortness in the palm. For giving you a comfortable pc gaming experience, the mouse are formed in an ergonomic means. With a DPI array up to 16000, you can obtain quick response as well as a greater precision rate while playing FPS video games.

This mouse features mechanical switches. The right and left click have been created to withstand a lot of clicks quickly. With an up to 450 IPS, the resolution accuracy of this gaming mouse boosts by as much as 99.4%. For adding more colors to your gaming setting, this mouse features Razer Chroma with 16.8 million personalized shades. The scroll wheel and the Razer logo design on the gaming mouse can be lightened with the colors you want. You can establish your preferences according to the mood you are in or matching your pc gaming rig. Last but not least, this gaming mouse is offered in a very sensible price variety. Such incredible functions are very unusual to locate in short-budget pc gaming mice, yet Razer DeathAdder elite has got it all.

The Specs Roccat Nyth

Specs Roccat Nyth

  • Top Material. Finger Print Resistant Semi-Rough Matte.
  • Core Construction. Fiber-Reinforced Plastic.
  • Shape. Ambidextrous.

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  • Grip Style. Claw or Finger-Tip.
  • Number of Buttons. …
  • Switch Type. Omron Mechanical Rated For 50 Million Clicks.
  • Illumination. 2 RGB Zones, Independently Controlled.
  • Weight. 92.1 g / 3.2 ounces.

Software Download

The Gaming Mouse Wireless Review

The Gaming Mouse Wireless Review

The initial Logitech G900 stole gamers’ hearts in 2014 with its unbelievably durable cordless innovation (that’s every bit as rapid as well as secure as a wired mouse) and also its excellent PWM3366 sensor. The Logitech G903 (read our review) is the same mouse, but now with new buttons ranked for 50 million clicks (rather than 20 million) as well as cordless billing through Logitech’s PowerPlay mouse pad.

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The ambidextrous layout is great– even more comfy than most, with the capability to include or remove thumb buttons from either side. You can likewise pick between having a clicky or free-spinning scroll wheel by hitting the button behind it. The aggressive-looking style is extra comfortable than it appears, and it’s rather light for a cordless computer mouse. If you desire a much heavier mouse, you can snap in the included 10-gram weight.

Razer’s Basilisk Ultimate (review our evaluation) is just one of the most comfortable and also precise ergonomic wireless gaming computer mice we’ve ever used. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate additionally has one of the best-positioned sniper button (or DPI toggle) that’s imitate a paddle clutch on a racing wheel.

The Basilisk Ultimate isn’t just comfortable to make use of, it’s dang near one of the most accurate gaming mouse on the market. This all comes thanks to Focus+ Sensing unit and Razer’s optical computer mouse changes that feel a hair faster than your typical gaming mouse switches. Of course, you get a lots of RGB that not only brighten the scroll wheel and logo, however likewise two long side strips on this outer.

Going wireless does not suggest you need to go down RGB lighting. If you want the supreme light show to go with the freedom cordless computer mice give, the Razer Lancehead (review our testimonial) is your ticket. This cordless gaming features two lengthy illumination strips in addition to the usual scroll wheel and also logo illumination areas, so it can show streaming rainbows of color just like your key-board

Its ambidextrous shape makes it agreeable for both left- and also right-handed users. The Lancehead’s carefully bent back additionally makes it easy to use with a claw or fingertip hold as well. Razer uses a new Flexible Frequency Modern technology (AFT) in the Lancehead to immediately as well as continuously jump regularity channels to the one with the clearest signal. It functions well and it will help you play in an area with a lot of prospective interference, like a LAN party.

The Logitech Gaming G Pro (read our evaluation) is a fantastic cordless mouse from Logitech made for Esports, or individuals that just desire a mouse with wonderful battery life and swappable side buttons. Like the G903 you add magnetic side switches to whichever side you like.

It uses the business’s most recent sensing unit, the Hero 16K, so it’s got plenty of range to fit any individual’s needs, as well as you can additionally go down the USB transceiver into the bottom of the computer mouse too, so you will not lose it when you travel. The very best component is it’s additionally suitable with the company’s cordless charging system, but it’s an optional add-on.

The SteelSeries Rival 600 won top choice in our list of the best gaming mouse as well as the wireless version is equally as excellent right here. The SteelSeries Competing 650 (review our review) uses the same twin TrueMove 3 Optical sensor system that ensures precise monitoring even if you raise your mouse off a workdesk.

Similar to normal Competing 600, you can also remove the two sides approximately 16g in weights if you like a truly hefty gaming mouse as we do. The 24 hr of offered battery life isn’t rather as long as other computer mice on this listing however just a 15-minute charge will certainly offer you with 10 hours of playtime. If you don’t mind plugging in regularly, this wireless gaming mouse also features one of the very best RGB illumination configurations around.

If you’re the kind of gamer that hates stressing over the battery level on your wireless mouse, Logitech has addressed your prayers with its brand-new G603 gaming mouse (read our review). Typically cordless video gaming mice have drawn down battery life due to their advanced sensors, fast polling rate, and RGB lighting, nevertheless, the G603 manages to delicately balance all these functions together with extremely lengthy battery life as well.

Instead of needing to bill it each week, you can allow this puppy run for months, and also you still get the all-new Hero sensor in addition to comfortable functional designs, exact monitoring, and all the normal Logitech video gaming features discovered in its glossy software. It’s not much to look at as well as it does not have RGB lighting, but it’s fast and also smooth.

It’s tough as well as comfortable and has a DPI range of up to 10,000. Amazing battery life offers you 60 hours of usage as well as it’s lightweight at just 99g. The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless additionally includes Bluetooth connectivity to choose its 2.4 GHz dongle, so you can conveniently exchange in between using it with two gadgets.

The G502 was a fan preferred gaming mouse as well as it’s been made even better with Logitech’s faster than wired Lightspeed Wireless modern technology. The Logitech G502 Light Rate Wireless (review our testimonial) has it all: a laser-accurate 16,000 DPI sensor, adjustable comfort designs, a lot of buttons, as well as exceptional comfort. You can even charge it wirelessly bill if you obtain Logitech’s PowerPlay Wireless Charging System.

Razer Naga Trinity Review

The kind, as well as the function of Razer’s Naga mouse, has come a long way throughout the years. Its newest variation, the Naga Trinity, is the most effective yet: a little, comfortable mouse with an excellent quality sensing unit and three compatible thumb holds with button ranges ideal for MOBAs, MMOs, or basic use. The MOBA variety is the very best, providing 7 switches in a circle around your thumb. There suffice switches to map multiple capacities, but not many that they come to be a frustrating samey ball. The 12 switch variety, made for MMOs, has that problem for me, yet any individual who desires a digit pad under their thumb will value the choice.

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The Naga Trinity’s side panels snap into place with strong magnets as well as do not shake a bit when pc gaming. Or else, the Naga Trinity coincides as the Naga Hex before it, with a comfy palm grasp shape that includes a small pinky rest. The Naga Hex is a little bit on the small side for bigger hands, with even more of a squat shape than some pc gaming mice. It’s comfortable in the kicked back grasp suited to MMOS, yet will certainly still get the job done if you play MOBAs, shooters, or any other active video games.

Software Download

Logitech G203 Prodigy Reviews

Logitech G203 Natural born player (also called the G102 in some regions). With this mouse, you get Logitech’s wonderful, reputable build quality, great video gaming driver software, and a reliable computer mouse form. Considering that its prominent G100s years ago, Logitech has actually released a number of computer mice with an almost identical tiny, almost-ambidextrous body, as well as it stays a comfortable computer mouse excellent for the active grip of FPS or MOBA players. And the G203 is damn cheap.

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The G203 Prodigy does not use Logitech’s top-end sensing unit, but screening has actually shown that the Mercury sensing unit (developed by Logitech) in this mouse is so good, you most likely will not see the distinction. It sustains up to 8000 CPI as well as has no problem with jitter or velocity. Unless you need insanely high CPI settings, the G203 is a killer mouse for a bargain. As well as if you determine you really like the form and also can spend a little bit a lot more, think about a step up to the Logitech Pro, which does include that state-of-the-art sensor.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Review

The Ironclaw is the very best mouse we’ve tested for gamers with bigger hands. While its design includes a strange mix of materials, from smooth matte plastic on the buttons to the ruby print, grippy rubber sides, to the special, wavy rubber on the scroll wheel, each adapts well to its function on the mouse. As opposed to a solitary natural material, Corsair has marked one to match each panel independently, which adds to the outstanding overall fit of the computer mouse to make it feel really relaxing moving over your mouse pad. It’s domed and also curved fit flawlessly in the palm of right-handed players, as well as is among the very best feeling mice to grasp I’ve ever evaluated.

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The Best Mouse It does really feel a little bit crucial, particularly for a cordless mouse that doesn’t need a distinct battery, and unfortunately does not provide adjustable weights. While that suggests the Ironclaw feels just a hair more cumbersome than other, lighter wired computer mice, it likewise makes the computer mouse feel more significant and also substantial. The RGB lighting is glossy as well as understated, precisely the way I like it, and the device can be completely tailored via Corsair’s iCue software, including the choice to calibrate your computer mouse to the surface area on which you’re utilizing it. While the issue isn’t one of the most intuitive software suites I have actually ever before utilized, it does supply a detailed collection of modification alternatives.

The Review Mouse Gaming

Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Review

The basic aesthetic encompasses the button enhance. The left and ideal switches are really comfortable, partially thanks to the truth that they’re a little shaped on the internal sides to assist keep your pointer and also forefinger from straying as well much. There’s additionally a comfy clickable scroll wheel, as well as a button directly listed below it to cycle via a maximum of 5 various DPI sensitivity levels.

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On the other hand, each of those buttons are extremely simple to customize making use of the Logitech Pc gaming Software (envisioned listed below), which you can mount on Windows or macOS. The software lets you select from among three different classifications of commands to appoint per switch, with the exception of the fixed left as well as right switches. You can appoint mouse features (clicks, scrolls, and so on), a customized keystroke, or a multikey macro.

In the same software panel, you likewise have accessibility to the mouse’s DPI sensitivity degrees as well as the capability to change its report rate. Whether these in fact make a distinction while you’re gaming is the subject of extreme discussion, however players that think they do make a distinction will appreciate the degree of control that the G603 uses. The record rate can be transformed in solitary DPI increments, as much as the maximum of 1,200.

The Best Mouse You can configure as lots of as five DPI presets, whereby you can cycle when you push the computer mouse’s DPI button. You can likewise assign another offered button to turn on “DPI change,” which will temporarily transform the DPI setup while it’s pushed. On the other hand, there are four alternatives for the coverage price, which vary from 125 to 1,000 records per second.

The Best Mouse Gaming for Game

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review

  1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
  2. Logitech G502 Lightspeed
  3. Logitech G502 HERO

Both sides of the mouse have texturized rubber grasps, while the left side likewise includes a comfortable thumb groove with 3 switches: Forward and Back over the thumb and also DPI Shift (for instantaneously switching in between two resolutions) ahead. The only possible downside is that the groove, as well as the button placement, make the Range a right-handed computer mouse only.

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If you like your computer mouse to be larger in the center, for instance, or much more weighted toward your palm, it’s simple to experiment. I checked the mouse with numerous weight arrangements; there was no difference in the mouse’s performance, and while you most likely won’t have the ability to tell the difference between 2 or 3 weights, there is a noticeable change between zero as well as 5.

2 level of sensitivity adjustment switches, left of the left-click button, can either boost or decrease the dpi. Under the scroll wheel are an additional two buttons: The leading switch toggles rubbing for hyper-fast scrolling, while all-time low allows you to switch between 3 video gaming accounts that you can establish in The Best Gaming Mouse. The dual-mode scroll wheel itself is ridged, which assists for accuracy scrolling, and also can be clicked in 3 directions (left, right, as well as middle).

The greatest fine-tune from the Core, is the addition of customizable RGB illumination in the Range. Although you can use the software to set up different illumination profiles and results, there’s no actual reason for this function. The only LED sections of the mouse are the G-series logo design on the body of the computer mouse, which is often covered by your hand.

Logitech G502 HERO Review

The Logitech G502 is bigger and heavier than I ‘d advise to most players, and I think Logitech, as well as other computer mouse firms, have actually surpassed its design in the years since it initially launched. But it stays a terrific gaming mouse with features couple of rivals supply, and with a new sensor that will certainly maintain the G502 affordable with anything launched in the next five years. It’s still the very best selection for a large, heavy gaming mouse around.

It considers 121 grams, with an extra 18 grams addable with some little steel weights that suit the bottom of the chassis. The G502 does really feel strong: a good little that weight comes from the metal scroll wheel, which has such a wonderfully smooth as well as rewarding scroll feel under your finger it’ll be difficult to go back to any computer mouse that doesn’t have it. A switch listed below that wheel allows you switch between smooth scrolling, fantastic for skipping through a 100 web page paper instantaneously, and scratched scrolling, extra excellent for exchanging tools in an FPS. You can additionally click the wheel left and also right for more switch inputs, an uncommon attribute these days that I enjoy having as a choice.

I usually suggest lighter mice, especially to FPS players, for exactly how conveniently they’ll skate across your computer mouse pad as well as the minimal exertion it requires to twitch and click. Even the difference of 10 grams lighter is noticeable, as well as some gaming mice weigh in the territory of 90 grams, a big difference. Despite its weight, moving the G502 never ever really feels tiresome, however it never vanishes in your grip to feel like an extension of your hand– it absolutely seems like a device to be slung around.

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You can map the G502’s famous arc, which is optimal for a hand hold, back to classic Logitech computer mice like the G500. It fits, yet the outstanding sloped as well as contoured left- and right-click buttons mean the computer mouse isn’t as matched for a variety of holds. The mouse plainly wants you to keep your fingers laying level within those mouse grooves, so a much more obvious fingtertip grip isn’t as natural.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review

At first look, the G502 Lightspeed looks similar to the wired G502 Hero. It’s an 11-button right-hander, tough in matte and shiny tones of black plastic. From the top down, there are 2 primary switches as well as a clickable scroll wheel with two switches listed below it; one is a macro button, the other is mechanical, permitting you to choose in between step-by-step and “endless” scroll-wheel feel.

On the left side, there are two sets of macro switches– 2 particular switches that rest next to your guideline finger and 2 lower side switches you reach with your thumb. Finally, there’s a DPS-dropping sniper switch. Unlike most business, Logitech puts physical labels on these buttons, which is very useful when you’re tailoring layouts. The selection is not new to Logitech layouts, however one I completely recommend.

It makes good sense that Logitech would stick with the G502 shape, seeing it’s typically extremely comfy. Its incline is a little low for a right-handed gadget but compensates for it with a huge thumb-rest wing, which captures your hand as well as maintains it constant in a comfy position. Like most pc gaming mice nowadays, the side feature distinctive grasps, though they do not do much for its function or feel– they’re much more for show than anything else.

At 5.2 by 3 by 1.6 inches, the mouse really feels a little long, though you’ll get comfy with it soon enough. Its weight, or absence thereof, is even more striking: At 4.02 ounces (114 grams) by default, it feels very light in hand. (The Lightspeed considers 9 grams less than the Hero, which is quite incredible when you think about that cordless mice need added parts).