Logitech G203 Prodigy Review

Logitech G203 Prodigy Review

The low price means that the Logitech G203 Natural born player focuses on the essentials. On the within, that implies an optical sensor with an 8,000 DPI sensitivity degree. Don’t be deceived by the product packaging stating 6,000 DPI, incidentally– Logitech has actually improved that number with a firmware upgrade.

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An 8,000 DPI level of sensitivity level is a solid number for mainstream single-player and affordable pc gaming. It’ll sate essentially anybody who uses a 1080p or a 1440p panel– and it’ll also be great for the majority of people that play on 4K or widescreen screens.

Just a solitary gaming profile can be stored on this mouse– extra costly peripherals typically save 5– yet Logitech’s software can keep a limitless number. It can also customise each switch. It’s an excellent app and makes coping with the G203 very easy.

The much more expensive HyperX is ranked for 16,000 DPI, and also it shops 3 accounts. Couple of people require a computer mouse rated for such level of sensitivity, however the HyperX is better for competitors.

The HyperX has six buttons alongside much better lights. It’s additionally larger, taller as well as longer than the portable G203.

The physical design is plain– the G203 is made from matte plastic, without textured locations as well as a shape that’s hardly different from your typical office rodent. It’s robust, though, so it’ll definitely persevere, as well as there are customisable RGB LEDs at the rear.

The Logitech G203 has 6 switches: the two primary ones, the scroll-wheel, a DPI switcher and also 2 side switches. It’s ambidextrous, however you only obtain side buttons on the left-hand side.

There are no additional ergonomic features, as well as the G203 is portable: its 64mm width as well as 38mm height make it a little smaller sized than more expensive pc gaming mice. The size and shape will not be a problem for most players and a lot of grip kinds, however players with larger hands may have a hard time.

The G203 has sufficient speed and also accuracy for a lot of video gaming circumstances, as well as its two major switches are reasonable: quickly and also constant.

Nevertheless, the lower budget plan appears below– the main buttons are loud, and they have a bit more traveling as well as a little much less speed than switches on more expensive peripherals. For mainstream gaming, this will not reduce you down, however affordable gamers will certainly desire shallower, faster technicians.

The side buttons serve, but they’re squishy and need too much force to press. The scroll wheel is lighter and constant, but it has no straight hitting and also its scrolling is surprised, not smooth.

The G203’s surface isn’t the most effective, either: it’s smooth and unsafe, and also the scenario won’t improve if your hands get perspiring.

The HyperX is much better: its primary switches are faster and lighter than the Logitech– and also they have an endurance ranking of fifty million clicks, while the G203 is rated for only 10 million.

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